CEVA Technology Symposium - Shanghai

Join us at the annual CEVA Technology Symposium to learn how smart sensing and wireless connectivity are revolutionizing next generation intelligent machines.             

This year’s symposium focuses on understanding the potential of fusing data from cameras, microphones and inertial sensors and analyzing it with the power of on-device AI. Naturally, every smart sensing device will also communicate using wireless connectivity, with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular IoT providing the ideal options. Meet CEVA, leading industry experts and solution providers for a full day of visionary and technical sessions that will help you understand how best to utilize these technologies for your next embedded design.

Topics covered include:

  • Deep learning, computer vision and imaging  – re-imagining the possibilities of camera-enabled applications in smartphones, consumer cameras, drones, surveillance and automotive
  • Voice user interfaces and speech recognition – creating an immersive sound and voice experience for true wireless stereo earbuds, smart speakers, and TVs
  • Sensor Fusion – complete contextual perception in robotics, augmented and virtual reality, motion controllers and IoT
  • Multi-standard wireless IoT connectivity  – using Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6
  • 5G and cellular IoT connectivity – including latest NB-IoT, Cat-M1, and 5G standards


We hope to see you there!  

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